We listen to your concerns regarding your IT environment

IT is more than just a coincidental collection of computers and software present at your company. IT should contribute to a positive operating profit and to efficient support of personnel and business processes; resulting in a smooth work process. This often goes wrong: integration fails, software seems uncompatible, personnel gets frustrated ...

The correct diagnose

Since IT is extremely complex, identifying the issue is often the biggest problem. This is where steps in. Compare us to your general practitioner. You will visit the GP when you feel ill, yet you do not know exactly why. The GP listens to your story, and after an examination he will make a first diagnosis. If necessary he wil start the treatment, or directs you to the appropriate specialists.

Moreover, goes beyond. We think that your IT systems can benefit your profit margins. This means we are not only looking for solutions for your specific problems, but also helps you to build an IT strategy where your business goals are supported by the IT infrastructure.

The sustainable solution

In short, we listen to managers responsible for the IT environment, we help to make a diagnose and search along for a sustainable solution that offers added value for your business. Do you want to have your IT contribute to the profit of your business?


We analyse your IT environment, to make the right descision

Computers and software evolve at a fast pace. When your IT infrastructure needs optimization (technical, financial, commercial,...), our sharp technical analysis' helps to get a good snapshot of the current infrastructure.

Maximize return on investment

We discuss your business goals with you and how IT should help support those goals. We audit your equipment (computers, servers, routers, web applications,...), your network connections and software.

We also listen to your wishes and to the questions and suggestions of your personnel. From there we distill a streamlined configuration for the optimal IT infrastructure and IT supported processes, to maximize your return on investment.

At your side

Also, we are at your side when negotiating with IT support providers and hardware suppliers. This way we can ensure that you will receive the best deal for the right service and products.

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We support your internal IT project manager

As a SME manager you have to be knowlegdable about many things. It is normal that you can not be specialized at everything. That is why we support you as the responsible IT manager, since you do not necessarily have a specialized IT background, with the management of your projects and design of a global IT strategy.

Ensure the best deal

We help you to define the needs of your business, evaluate offers and services from IT providers and sit together with you at the negotiation table to ensure the best deal possible with your IT provider.

Do you need support for an IT project?


We execute a technical project for your business has a team and expertise that we can deploy in a flexible way. We do not fullfil the role of helpdesk, but we surely can execute specific IT projects.

Datamanagement, network, security ...

Specificly this means that we optimize the datamanagement of your business, to enable finetuning of your marketing and sales proces through integrated datamanagement. Or we build your on premise network to be highly performant as part of a global strategy. Or we make sure that your data and applications are hosted at the best conditions, without compromising security. Or we configure your infrastructure in a way that it is prepared to handle potential hacking attempts and malware infections.

Do you have specific IT projects? We are happy to organize and execute them for you.