A direct line

We have a small, yet dedicated support team and take any question seriously. It happens that users says they "feel stupid" because they are less technology savvy. They might be replaced by AI..

None of that at We understand every person has his/her expertise, and ours happen to be IT. So whether there's "a bluescreen", a cable loose or important folder lost, our service engineers will help you to solve the issue.

We keep lead times short and responses fast. Our mantra? "If the issue is minor, it can be solved now"

Active customers can visit our self help center to quickly find an answer to their problem. If the answer isn't there they may contact us by phone, email or chat.


Empower your team

We add value by sharing knowledge. Our help center bundles processes, step by step guides and tips and tricks for your team to use as a resource.

When we experience a returning problem or misunderstanding of technology within your team, we will help those involved to understand how to resolve the problem going forward.

We have experience with educational concepts like workshops, initiations and coaching to support your most tech savvy team member in his/her IT management effort.

Thorough solutions

Sometimes issues return. Sometimes acts of God make life impossible.  Yet, at we pride ourselves that we don't sleep until affected services are restored with at least a temporary solution.

Our engineers always continue troubleshooting until the root cause is discovered and a structural solution can be deployed.


We are happy to listen to your story and help you to tackle any IT problem.

Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a visit soon.

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