Private Cloud

A private cloud gives a company maximum control over its data and applications. makes the step to a private cloud much easier than before.

Why choose a private cloud?

A private cloud gives a company many advantages over a public cloud. But it also increases cost and complexity. So why make that investment anyway?


Large public clouds (Microsoft, Google) are targets of all kinds of adversaries. From crooks to organized crime, to (less democratic) foreign governments. They all know that a lot of data can be collected from public clouds. Private clouds, on the other hand, are less visible, and therefore less often the target of cyber attacks.


Since a private cloud is tailor-made, you always have the best performance for the mission. Do you especially need processor power for fast calculations, or rather maximum storage capacity for large files? Whatever the situation, with a private cloud you always have the optimal setup.

Infinitely scalable

A private cloud grows with your business. It can start very small and scale very quickly if necessary.

Mobile and independent

With a private cloud, you're never stuck. So you are well prepared for a rapidly evolving future.

Also for legacy software

Does your company run older software that cannot be integrated with the public cloud? With a private cloud you can still bring that older software to the cloud!

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