Hybrid Cloud

It can happen that your company needs different clouds, because that's what the strategy demands. You can speak of a hybrid cloud, in which you integrate different solutions with each other across the platforms.

What are the advantages of a hybrid cloud?

The big advantage of a hybrid cloud is that you don't have to compromise, your company always has the best applications of their kind. It's as simple as that.

Always the very best

If your company works best with Microsoft Office for business applications such as email and excel, but you want a more private solution for storing highly sensitive documents, or you need A.I. from Google to analyze your business data in new ways, then you can perfectly combine clouds.

For unique situations

The major cloud providers for your business of applications for standard situations. But every company also has something unique, in terms of organization, culture and niche. continu.online helps you with the technical know-how to manage hybrid clouds optimally tailored to your business.

Storage Optimization

Companies with huge amounts of data can save huge amounts of money with an optimized storage strategy.

Private Communication

Companies that manage highly sensitive data, such as health data, can better protect certain parts of their organization online with a secure communication cloud.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Increasingly, purely digital companies are being created. They no longer have physical offices. This type of company often uses specialized clouds for different aspects of the organization.

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