Google Cloud

Google is known from Google Search and Gmail, and also operates a powerful public cloud for business solutions. Google is a true pioneer of modern web and cloud technology.

Is Google's cloud something for my business?

Google is a company that has come up with a lot of innovations in the last 20 years. Their mobile system, Android, runs on 87% of all smartphones and tablets. In addition, google has completely turned our way of advertising and navigation upside down.

Mobile first

If you have a very dynamic company with limited administration, Google can be an interesting option. All their solutions are integrated with Android, so you can do business literally anywhere, anytime.

Web technology

Does your company also do business online? Or do you also want to bring your business online? Then the powerful Google Cloud Platform gives you the technology you need.

G Suite Business

Google's entry-level cloud for businesses. This gives you access to email, video calls and Google's office. And of course storage for all your files.

G suite Enterprise

If your company wants tighter control over the safety of all devices, then the step up to Enterprise is recommended. This cloud solution offers the tools to achieve this.

Google Cloud Platform

With the Google Cloud Platform you can completely digitalize your business activities. From a simple blog to a complex ecommerce environment, with GCP it's all possible.

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