Support for your cloud

At we don't just deliver our products and be gone. We are here to assist with any issue you might encounter.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When you subscribe to our services you can benefit from our super friendly support team.

Customers are assigned a dedicated support manager who handles everything from incidents and change requests, perfomance reviews to project management.

Active Support

Teamviewer Assistance

Small issues can often be resolved with remote assistance. For this we make use of Teamviewer, world famous for its stability and ease of use.

Site Visits

Sometimes it's just quicker to plan an on-site visit to solve a problem that wasting time on flakey internet connections or other obstacles. Support managers will schedule a visit as soon as possible, as required by the situation.

Tips and Tricks

Support is not just about fixing, it's also about sharing! Our support managers are happy to share tons of useful tips and tricks that help your team to be more productive with technology.

Active Support

Organizations that require regular assistance can choose for our active support program. Your team has access to a dedicated support manager who makes sure you do not have to worry about a thing.

Support managers do more than fixing technical problems. They maintain documentation about your IT environment, guide change releases and help you manage all other aspect of day to day IT operations.

Online Support

If you already have tech savvy people on your team or do not feel the need for active assistance you can gladly make use of our online support program. You can ask questions with our support managers by email and chat, or look for an answer at our documentation portal.