Professional digital infrastructure is ever more important. Our MiniDC concept is probably the most flexible,
cost efficient, private cloud platform available for your business.

Mini data centers for Big Business

Every successful business has a robust foundation. You need a trustworthy team, a favourable economic context and reliable public infrastructure to provide your customers with the service they deserve everyday. Today, more than ever before, this means you need to have a rock sold IT infrastructure.

A Mini Data Center is just that. A MiniDC is an autonomous system that fits the mechanics of a tier 1 datacenter in a box the size of a small file cabinet.

A MiniDC has integrated uplink, power management and is continuously managed by our Operations Team, so that you never have to worry about unplanned downtime.

How can a Mini Data Center support my business?

link classic and cloud

Today, a lot of organisations struggle to integrate their IT assets. Our infrastructure brings it al together. Our experience with a both classic and cloud architectures moved us to combine all our knowledge in a product that unites the best of both worlds.

Keep cost under control

Paying every month for terrabytes of storage with the average cloud provider can become costly quickly. Thanks to our skilled engineering team, you can save up to 80% on recurring fees by using our solution.

Keep your trade secrets private

Data is the digital gold, so you should protect it accordingly. When you store data on the public cloud you can lose control over it easily. With us, your data stays yours and no one has access without your consent.

Anatomy of the MiniDC

Cloud Native application platform: A MiniDC is shipped with the best container orchastration software available. It serves as the engine for our private cloud and acts as an enabler to easily extend or modify the functionality of your private cloud.

Computing nodes: a MiniDC is designed to strike an excellent balance between performance, reliability and sustainability. It has four Intel Xeon E3 CPU's (16 cores), 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD disks, divided over four modular rackservers.

Extended networking capabilities: a MiniDC has a WAN and LAN side and is capable of providing standard networking services (DNS,DHCP,..) to its LAN side. This way you can reach extreme speeds (transfering files, processing server data, ..) in comparison to public clouds.

Integrated Power Management: to protect the MiniDC intelligently from energy issues. When power gets restored, the MiniDC will restart itself and resume operations without the need for your intervention.

The future of cloud computing

The "mini" in MiniDC merely refers to its size. There are (almost) no cables and it makes only a mini amount of noise.

Yet, it behaves like a real data center and it is equiped with several failure prevention mechanisms. It is completely modular, individual components are easily replaceable, even while the MiniDC keeps running using the other available resources.

If your organizations requires high availability it is possible to install 2 or more MiniDCs in different locations, they will then act as one virtual datacenter that never goes offline!

A MiniDC with valid subscription is monitored by the continu.onine Operations Center. Whenever your MiniDC needs physical assistance our engineers are already on their way.

A unique Kubernetes blend

Most public cloud providers let you use their Kubernetes engine using their infrastructure only. That's cool, but we make it even cooler! With our MiniDC you can use Kubernetes wherever you want.

Our MiniDC is optimized to run our Kubernetes Blend without timeconsuming configuration or installation.

Ceph is used as the storage interface, so you can be sure you will never lose data again. Ceph is a well established distributed storage engine designed with reliability in mind.

Application developers can connect the MiniDC Kubernetes engine to Gitlab (or any other CI tools) to easily deploy their applications onto the MiniDC!

Cloud Operations Centers

You are not on your own. We have a distributed network of Cloud Operations Centers to ensure the availability of your infrastructure.

Equiped with the latest monitoring technology our team proactively search and solves potential incidents.