IT Helpdesk

You can count on us for help with most IT questions. We'll help you connect the wireless printer correctly, securely install a new device, look up a mysteriously lost email, whatever it is; we're here for you and your team.

What does an IT helpdesk do?

An IT helpdesk (or service desk) is there to assist you and your team in case of an IT problem. You can report a problem or ask a question by phone, mail or chat.


The helpdesk analyzes your question and tries to help you as soon as possible. You will be assigned a permanent contact person who will handle your case. The helpdesk employee knows how to solve most situations on his own, and can count on the operations team if necessary for more complex problems.

Practical support

The helpdesk employees take care of the practical implementation of the managed services, such as adapting new devices to company standards or equipping offices and meeting rooms with the appropriate hardware to comfortably hold online meetings.

Always available

The helpdesk is always available during normal hours, and can be called up in exceptional situations. We always have someone on standby to monitor our channels.

Remote and on-site

We can provide 98% of our support remotely, but that does not prevent us from planning a visit if the situation requires it.

Purchasing advice

We assist you with advice on the purchase of PCs, laptops, smartphones and almost every conceivable peripherals. With us, you can also be sure of complete warranty and repair coverage.

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