Cloud consultancy

Sometimes it seems like you only have two choices: in the cloud or out of the cloud. Reality is a lot more complex! Most SMEs today are somewhere in between, with data spread across multiple locations. At you'll find the expertise you need to keep an overview and find the safest cloud.

How do I choose the perfect cloud?

Organizing your business in the cloud is easier said than done. With most companies it grows naturally, and cloud apps pile up. You do work in the cloud, but it's hard to say exactly in which one. To find out which cloud is perfect for your business you have to ask yourself two questions.

Who do I trust with my company data?

Your company data is worth its weight in gold, and should therefore be managed in this way. Some cloud providers take your data rather loosely, compared to the better providers who take security very seriously.

What is my budget?

The cloud is not cheap, and different providers charge different prices. helps you to find the most cloud per available euro.

Always up-to-date advice

At we closely follow the latest technological developments, so your company is always up to date.

Always the best price

Of course, we always keep the price/quality ratio in mind in our advice. In this way, we help you get the cloud your SME needs.

Always the safest option

Since the inception of the cloud, criminals have also found their way there. We help you assess the security needs of your SME, in order to choose the safest cloud option.

What would you like to do next?

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