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To efficiently support your business operations we deliver high quality cloud services. Our scalable infrastructure products can support any type of workload and our private clouds are perfect to secure your teams digital workspace. Plus we have a dedicated support team to help you out with any issue that may arise.

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Owning your data shoudn't be difficult.

Private Cloud

A secure workplace, accessible from anywhere!


Super friendly support managers with a can do attitude.

Continu.online, at your service

IT managers sleep better

continu.online helps IT managers with limited resources to sleep better. Stop worrying about monitoring and maintenance, thanks to continu.online IT managers can dream about the next big IT project.

Teams work faster

When you work with continu.online you work faster. That's because we pay attention to optimal resource planning and efficiency.

Tight Security

100% security doesn't exist. But we get close. All the infrastructures we take responsibility for are under constant monitoring, and we run active threat hunting operations.

Owning your data shoudn't be difficult

Transparent by default

Very often when organizations move to the cloud, they underestimate the implications of storing data overseas. It's often unclear where the data is, how many replicas are made for backup and how long the data is stored even after deletion.

None of that fuzzyness at continu.online. Before we deploy your private cloud we agree on a set of choices where you decide what's best for your business.

Backed by Open Source Specialists

Many businesses stay away from Open Source because they do not have specifically trained personel on the team. This way they miss out on a huge potential for improving their business with reasonable investments.

Big enterprises foster dedicated engineering teams, as they understand how Open Source software gives them a head start.

Our engineering team draws experience from big enterprise projects, and came up with a way to make private clouds accessible to smaller oranizations, using Open Source software.

A strong foundation

We are deeply committed to the continuity of our customers' business operations. We help you take control over every fundamental aspect of your IT environment, so that everything else you add later on will be able to perform full throttle.

We are experts in building and managing secure and stable networks to fit all the IT services you need.

Personal assistance

Your sucess is our succes. We want you to have the best experience, so our support managers are always available to help you resolve any issue you might have.

Broken devices, a sloppy connection or troubles synchronizing documents. Whatever it may be, we will help you finding a suitable solution.

Continu.Online, Online 24/7

Distributed Infrastructure

You own the infrastructure, we make it hassle-free. Our unique approach enables us to manage thousands of local private infrastructures as if it was one big datacenter!

Cloud Native

Our team consists of skilled engineers, who are working day and night with, inside and on top the cloud. We use lots of cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.


All our customers enjoy our integrated privacy approach. We manage a public DNS cluster with DNSCrypt capabilities, so that all our customers privacy can be ressured to the maximum

Modern Storage Backend

Never lose a file again. Our solution uses Ceph under the hood, the reliant, scalable storage platform for enterprise class continuity.

Configuration Management

We manage everything as code, so that you can always rely on the most modern private cloud. Updates and security patches are remotely distributed to your environment over a secure channel.

24/7 Active Support

At continu.online, the cloud comes with faces. Customers are assigned dedicated support manager to ensure a healthy, pleasant longterm relationship.

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