Serious Security

We take security very serious. We are not arrogant, not invincible, we are methodical.

Everything starts with a safe fundament, so we work with a trusted partner to provide your business with the best uplink possible, for safe, reliable and fast internet and telephony.

On top of that we keep your office connected to our umbrella layer which filters all nasties!

Office365 and other collaboration suites only of a basic level of protection. Our umbrella architecture solves this problem since it works as a transparant proxy, that lets in the sunshine and protects from sour rain!

Now your business is safe from phising attacks, randsomeware and other cybercrime, while your team doesn't even notice!

Threat intelligence

United we stand. We make use of expert threat intelligence and keep an eye on public blacklists and threat reports to keep our defense as up to date as possible.

Today's security requirements can't be satisfied by buying products alone. We put a great deal of effort in finetuning our configurations to maximize the effectiveness of the tools we deploy.

Like real world criminals, hackers are creative and sometime defeat the first line of defense. Our container strategy helps your business prepare for the worst. We maintain separate effective backup and recovery strategies for different needs, to meet both cost and safety benchmarks for any situation.

Privacy solutions

Some say privacy is obsolete. We don't. We are experts in managing privacy.

We provide fully private communications solutions for your most sensitive conversations or help your ecommerce platform to respect your customers privacy by implementing SSL/TLS according industry requirements.

We make sure your business domain ( ) is never perceived as junk mail by your contacts and that no scammer can abuse your brand to fool others.

We are probably the first belgian IT service provider that offers free public DNS proxies that enrypt your DNS traffic. Since DNS leaks every website you visit, encrypting this data is the fist step to take back your privacy! Visit to start using this service!


We are happy to listen to your story and help you to tackle any IT problem.

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