turns IT into your strategic advantage


IT transforms your business

IT has brought a new dimension into the world, a new reality that businesses need to take into account. 20 years ago a static homepage and email address were signs of professionalism. Previously, most transactions were made offline.


In 2007 there was an important shift. Apple presented the iPhone (the first smartphone). Today, just 10 years later, only a few leave their homes without such a smartphone. Devices and apps flood the market ever since, which caused not only professionals to have highly technological tools, but also almost every individual consumer. The fast evolution of digital communications changed our way of communicating and doing business in a fundamental way.

IT is crucial

The consequence is clear: today every stakeholder demands the ability to do business in a digital manner. This makes the quality of a business' IT infrastructure crucial for its development. More important, those businesses who can deploy their IT infrastructure in a strategic way, create a competitive advantage opposed to their competition.

How IT benefits you, today and tomorrow

Mastering the changes caused by the fast paced IT revolution, asks for new methods and insights. We sum up a few below.

Using open standards

Apple, Windows or something else? Standardizing your IT infrastructure makes sure that you can communicate efficiently with every stakeholder.

Dev Ops

Dev Ops (developer operations) is a method to fuse the development of infrastructure and applications. The goal is to create a coherent IT environment, where the integration of different applications in the IT environment becomes ever more fast and easy.


A business produces a huge amount of data. Efficiently store, integrate and analyse that data helps to discover opportunities that would have stayed below the radar without proper datamanagement.

Continuous Integration

Technology keeps evolving, suppliers come and go. A business must be resistant to this reality. Through the inhouse management of the code from tailor-made applications, different suppliers with specific expertise can complement each other and controle ultimately stays in the hands of the business.

Our mission

At we combine technological insights with transparant communication and strategic thinking. We do everything to share our knowledge of IT strategy and the IT market with management-teams of SME's and organizations without or just limited knowledge of IT.

Transparancy and Integrity

The fast paced IT evolution and overwhelming technological terminology can be unsettling sometimes for the management of a business. At we help you to feel at ease by providing insight and oversight. Transparancy about what we say and do, is our first priority.

At the same time your internal and customer data is sacred to us. We do everything to make sure that those data is secured from non-authorized users and potential malicious intruders. We take integrity extremely serious.

The future in mind

With our expertise and passion for IT services tailored to the SME market, the contribution to your business by results in well-funded decisions, that strengthen and improve the business as a whole. Every day again, with the future in mind.