How to setup Key Backup

How to setup Keybackup

Use this guide to setup your encryption Key Backup.

We'll use Riot on Windows as an example, the procedure for mobile phones is quite similar.

1. Open the Riot app

When you open the app you might see a screen similar like this:

2. Go to the settings window

Click on your name in the top left and click on "Settings".

3. Go to the Security & Privacy window

Navigate to the Security & Privacy window by selecting it from the menu on the left.

4. Setup Key Backup

In the Security & Privacy window, click on "Start using Key Backup.

5. Setup Encryption

When the Setup Encryption window appears, click on "Advanced".

Now click on the "Set up with a recovery key

6. Make a copy of your key

Your recovery key is now displayed on the screen, copy or download this to a secure place! We recommend saving it to a password manager or a seperate USB device that can be stored

After copying our key, Riot will dubbel check with you to make sure you stored your key safely, if you've done so, click Continue

7. Setting up keys

Riot will now ask you for your password that u used to sign in to Riot to verify your identity

Wait a second for Riot to create your keys

8. You're (almost) done!

Once Riot is finished creating your keys, it will show you this page, just click "OK", we're almost done

9. Enter recovery key

Riot will now ask you to enter the recovey key you just made and saved to your computer

Copy and past your key into the field, if you see a little thumps up appearing, you're on the right track, click next to really be done.