How to use encryption

How to use encryption

Use this guide to start an encrypted conversation with Riot.

We'll use Riot on Windows as an example, the procedure for mobile phones is quite similar.

1. Open the conversation you want to encrypt

First you start the conversation unencrypted. Click the wheel icon to change the security settings.

2. Find the Security & Privacy tab in the settings pane

Click the off/on slider to enable encryption.

3. Read the warning and then continue

Read the warning and then continue.

4. Verify each others devices

An important part of trusted communication is verification of your contact. When your first message fails, click Show devices to start verification.

5. Start the verification process

Click the Verify button next to the unknown device of your contact. If there are more devices (due to multiple active sessions) you might have to guess a bit. If you have trouble with this, try reaching out to your contact via another medium and confirm each others Device key. The device key in the example is LYDDAAEKBX

A new screen will appear to inform you about the verification process. If you know your contacts Device Key you can use the legacy procedure for faster verification. We will continue the new (more user friendly) verification process as an example. Click Begin Verifying

Your contact also has to press this button before the process can continue

6. Verify together with your contact

Take to another medium (telephone, email, signal,..) to verify your contact. The ultimate way is to verify each other over a beer. Meet in person, do the verification process and part ways. Click continu if the icons match.

Check the how to manage my encryption keys to maintain security across devices.

  • Author: thomas
  • Date: May 15, 2020