How to use encryption

How to use encryption

Use this guide to start an encrypted conversation with Riot.

We'll use Riot on Windows as an example, the procedure for mobile phones is quite similar.

1. Open the conversation you want to encrypt

First you start the conversation unencrypted. Click the wheel icon to change the security settings.

2. Find the Security & Privacy tab in the settings pane

Double check if encryption is turned on.

If you have already setup key backup, encryption should already be turned on, if not complete this first. Otherwise close the window and continue.

3. Open the Members tab

Click on the  Members icon on the right side.

4. Verify each others devices

An important part of trusted communication is verification of your contacts devices. Click on your contacts name to show the devices they are using.

5. Start the verification process

You will now see the security information of the room including all the devices your contact is using, in this case 1. Click the green Verify button to start.

(If your contact has multible devices, you'll have to verify them individually by clicking on them after the general verification.)

The verify user screen will appear to inform you about the verification process. You and your contact will need to be online for this process to be able to work, so if they are, click "Start verification".

Your contact now has to accept the verification request before the process can continue

6. Verify together with your contact

Click Verify by emoji and wait for your contact to do the same. The ultimate way is to verify each other over a beer. Meet in person, do the verification process and part ways, but if you are just in contact, that will work just fine.

Check with your contact that the emoji's match, if so, click "They match"

7. Verified

If your contact has also clicked the "They match" button, it will show you the following screen, click "Got it" to finish up

You will now see that the verification is active, you can now click on the extra devices that might need verification