How to manage encryption keys

How to manage my encryption keys

Use this guide to manage encryption keys with Riot.

We'll use Riot on Windows as an example, the procedure for mobile phones is quite similar.

Your encryption keys are important because without them, you cannot read your encrypted conversations. If you encrypt a conversation on device A, you will need to transport the keys from device A to device B if you wish to read that conversation on device B too. Follow me.

1. Open the settings

Click on your account name in the top left to discover your settings

2. Find the Security & Privacy tab in the settings pane

It's the second lowest option in the left menu. The you click the green Export E2E room keys button to start the export.

3. Choose a strong passphrase

Choose a passphrase for your encryption keys, so that no one else can use the export to recover your messages on another device. Click Export when satisfied.

4. Store the file in a safe place.

The export will be saved as a *.txt file, that can be stored on your harddrive, a usb drive or cloud service. Copy the .txt file to your new device and choose the Import E2E room keys button for the reverse process.

  • Author: thomas
  • Date: May 15, 2020