Install Riot on Mac

Install Riot on Mac

Use this guide to quickly enjoy the freedom using a Matrix powered chat app!

1. Go to the Riot website

Click here to go to the Riot page

Click the Download app for Desktop button. You will be directed to the downloads page.

2. Download the app

On the downloads page click ... link to start downloading the installer.

3. Save the app

After clicking the download link, choose Save File. In most cases the installer will be saved to your "Downloads" folder.

4. Run the installer

When the download is finished, open the .dmg file

A window will open with the Riot app and a shortcut to your Applications folder

5. Drag the app to the Applications folder

You can drag the Riot app on to the Applications folder shortcut, doing this will start the installation.

Once the installation is done, you can start up Riot

6. Create an account

We assume you are a first timer, so click the green button Register account, to get started!

7. Change custom server URL

Before registering, check the homeserver you are registering with. The default will be (the homserver hosted by the core matrix team). You are free to join any homeserver you like. However, for this purpose we show you how to register with our publicly hosted homeserver,, so click the change button.

Remove the default homeserver and fill the field below Homeserver URL with . Then click Next

8. Choose a username

Finally time to choose a username, a bit like choosing a new email address or twitter handle. In the example we register tintin , on the homeserver. Thus, the Matrix account for Tintin will be written as

Choose a strong password to secure your account and leave the email field blank for added privacy. When you are satisfied with the setting click Register. Almost done!

9. Enter email

If you don't specify an email address Riot will generate a warning which you can safely ignore. Just click Continue one more time.

10. Setup Encryption

For extra security you can set up encryption

The easiest way to do this is to click open the advanced tab

Now click on Set up with a recovery key

11 . Generate a recovery key

You can download a copy of your key or save it somewhere you can remember, after you have done that, the next window will appear

12. Copy your recovery key

If you have copied your key, you can click Continue

13. Succes

FINALLY, successfully registered, click ok to open up Riot!

14. Riot lobby

You will automatically get to see the Riot welcome window

  • Author: thomas
  • Date: May 8, 2020